With a significant and trusted record of partnerships with pharmaceutical companies, Simcro has demonstrated how it can cater to a wide variety of projects and individual client needs.

A Simcro solution is built on solid partnerships, genuine innovation and trusted ability to deliver. With a long history in pharmaceutical delivery our focus is on the future.

  • Datamars acquires Simcro in deal to expand products and services, strengthen market position - 4th April, 2018 - Datamars and Simcro announced today that Datamars has completed the acquisition of all shares of Simcro Limited, a New Zealand-based world leader in animal health delivery systems. The products and solutions delivered by the two companies are complementary. Datamars and Simcro announced today that Datamars has acquired all shares in Simcro Limited. Both companies are global leaders in their respective areas of the animal health industry.   Datamars has been a leader in unique animal identification READ MORE
  • SLIMLINE DUAL INJECTOR IMPROVES VACCINATION PRODUCTIVITY AND SAFETY - In response to veterinarian and animal health company requests to administer multiple vaccines simultaneously, Simcro, a global leader in animal health delivery systems, developed the Slimline Dual Injector. Australian farmers and vets were the first in the world to experience Simcro’s new Slimline Dual Injector which administers two compatible animal health products through a single guarded needle. This patented injector accurately mixes compatible formulations and delivers these simultaneously through one needle, thereby reducing the number of times an animal is READ MORE
  • SEKURUS™ WORLD’S FIRST SELF-TENTING INJECTOR - Pfizer Animal Health (Zoetis) issued Simcro with a demanding brief, to create a genuine two-stage safety injector that minimised the risk of self-injection by the user, administered the product at a precise depth to ensure efficacy, and satisfied animal welfare criteria. Several concepts were trialled, the patented double over-centre hinge concept was developed which is the genius within Sekurus. This concept gave birth to the safety injector that Pfizer had been looking for and allowed the further development of the patented READ MORE
  • PARTNER. INNOVATE. DELIVER. - A Simcro solution is built on solid partnerships, genuine innovation and trusted ability to deliver. With a long history in pharmaceutical delivery our focus is on the future. As the world grows, the pressure is on to develop more efficacious pharmaceutical treatments for production and companion animals. This can often mean creating compounds that are challenging or even dangerous to administer using traditional delivery system methodologies. Simcro has proven experience creating highly innovative solutions to administer these discoveries effectively, efficiently, READ MORE
  • THE OPTILINE™ DRENCHER - The Optiline™ sheep drencher is the world's first in-line drencher and its unique design is no accident. The long list of features that have made it so popular stem from Simcro's ability to Partner, Innovate and Deliver. Novartis were looking for a delivery solution for ZOLVIX® the ground breaking sheep drench and first new class of anthelmintic in over 25 years. Novartis was clear in their requirements; they wanted a drenching system that would be as revolutionary as the product READ MORE
  • DECEPTIVELY SIMPLE PROTECTION - Delivery systems are not simply an injector or an applicator. They are an integrated system from the product reservoir through to the point that the pharmaceutical product reaches the desired location. Our design capability and experience enables Simcro to consider all aspects of the delivery system from primary and secondary packaging, to bottle protectors, fluid transfer components and the delivery device itself, ensuring the entire system will successfully deliver the pharmaceutical product to the customers expectations. Take our bottle protector READ MORE

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