Deceptively simple protection

Delivery systems are not simply an injector or an applicator. They are an integrated system from the product reservoir through to the point that the pharmaceutical product reaches the desired location.

Our design capability and experience enables Simcro to consider all aspects of the delivery system from primary and secondary packaging, to bottle protectors, fluid transfer components and the delivery device itself, ensuring the entire system will successfully deliver the pharmaceutical product to the customers expectations.

Take our bottle protector for Draxxin® as an example. The Simcro bottle protector looks deceptively simple. In fact, a bottle within this sleeve can survive a 1.2m fall onto a concrete surface at -20°C without risk of breakage.

Within this innovative design, Simcro have allowed for the two Draxxin® bottles of the same volumetric size, yet quite different shapes, to be fully protected when fitted into the sleeve. This is achieved by securing the bottle with two sets of snap tabs, ensuring that the product, in either bottle, is held secure while allowing easy loading and reloading as the job demands. Like many Simcro solutions, the Draxxin® bottle sleeve is well-engineered simplicity.