Forward Selectable Tube Fed Injector

For an animal health treatment to be effective it needs to be delivered at the correct dose. The Simcro Forward Selectable Injector gives the user simple and reliable dose accuracy even at low dose volumes, ensuring confidence and efficacy at all dose settings.

Simcro’s innovative, Forward Selectable Injector range is specifically designed for the cattle and swine sectors to provide better dose accuracy and ease of use at low volumes.

Reduced fatigue
The ergonomic design, partnered with a reduced hand span, provides a comfortable grip, tactile feedback and reduced fatigue over extended periods of use.

Selectable dose
The injector’s improved valve configuration ensures accurate priming and dose administration at any chosen dose selection.

  • A comfortable hand span when injecting lower doses, especially for people with smaller hands.
  • Easy priming down to very low doses.
  • A plunger stroke at the front of the barrel for all doses, which also means that if an air bubble enters the system it is far easier to purge, so the injector is ready for operation again.
  • Boilable barrel to ensure thorough cleanliness and sterility after use.
  • External full metal tip for strength, durability and ease of cleaning.

Forward selectable  – the benefit of a full barrel sweep
In addition to the other Forward Selectable Injector benefits, the Forward Selectable Injector uses a positive stroke, that displaces the entire contents of the barrel at any dose setting. This creates a positive feel for users, and ensures each dose is administered in full to ensure dose accuracy and maximum drug efficacy.

The key to efficacy is precision. At low doses, the plunger of a Reverse Selectable Injector is still acting on a full barrel of product. This makes air in the system difficult to purge, as air bubbles compress rather than get expelled out of the barrel. If these bubbles go unnoticed they can lead to multiple under-doses being administered, reducing efficacy.

The injector’s Forward Selectable configuration reduces the chance of bubbles in the system and makes them easy to remove, ensuring dose accuracy and efficacy of the treatment.

The Forward Selectable Tube Fed Injector is currently available in 5mL and 12mL.

The Forward Selectable Bottle Mount Injector is currently available in 0.5mL and 2mL.

Please enquire for other dose variants.

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