40mL Magnum

The latest addition to the Magnum brand of pour-on applicators.  This gun uses the same technology as the original 70mL version.

  • SoftLock™ valve technology for a faster refilling gun.
  • Offset Barrel Outlet™ for improved priming.
  • Dial-A-Dose™ selector with a smooth action and great accuracy.
  • No product ‘after spurt’ to reduce wastage.
  • A greater range of nozzles for different applications.

Along with these great features, there are other important qualities such as an ergonomic handle design which helps make the gun comfortable to use, a large diameter hose spigot which helps liquid flow through the gun easier and customisation options to help with marketability.

Designed for Cattle & Sheep.

Spare parts available.

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T-Bar Nozzle
Pin Strip Nozzle
Fan Tip Nozzle
Oral Drench Nozzle