70mL Magnum

The 70mL Magnum™ is a product that incorporates some of the newest innovations that we have come up with.  These include:

  • SoftLock™ valve technology – this makes the gun refill quickly.
  • New Shower nozzle design – this makes the gun very easy to squeeze.
  • An Offset Barrel Outlet™ – this has been designed to improve priming.
  • A Dial-A-Dose™ selector has a very smooth action and is accurate.
  • No product ‘after spurt’ means very little wastage.

Other features which make this gun such an appealing product are:

  • An angled shower nozzle for convenient application,
  • An ergonomic design for comfortable handling and
  • Customisation options to help with marketability.

Spare parts available.

Please enquire for more information.

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Shower Nozzle
Fan Tip Nozzle