Sekurus™ Self-Tenting Series

The Sekurus™ range of safety injectors are the result of an exhaustive development process spanning several years that included extensive field trials in several countries. Patented technologies include a two-stage activation mechanism and a self-tenting needle guard.

Patented self-tenting technology

  • The design brief included the requirement to enable users to administer single-handed subcutaneous injections reliably, accurately and safely.
  • The patented two-stage mechanism is specifically designed for accurate penetration and consistent dose placement, either deep subcutaneous or intramuscular.

Patented needle guard

  • The protective needle guard minimises the risk of needle stick related injuries. The needle guard allows the operator to delay the needle penetrating until any animal movement has ceased.

Field results show: 

  • Self-tenting Needle Guard ensures a greater level of user protection and is highly effective on a wide range of animal skin types.
  • Needle change is faster and safer.
  • Needle damage is significantly reduced, increasing the life of the needle.
  • Safer operation in confined spaces such as chutes and cattle crushes.
  • Dose is correctly administered in the subcutaneous zone.
  • Less invasive to the animal.

Subcutaneous injection

  • Spiked needle guard grips and tents the animals skin.
  • Injector remains stable on moving animals.
  • Dose is correctly positioned.

One-handed subcutaneous injection

Administering a one-handed subcutaneous injection is far easier and less hazardous for the operator than two-handed techniques, particularly in confined spaces such as a cattle chute. Sekurus was developed to ensure accurate single-handed subcutaneous drug placement. This allows the user to maintain a safer distance from the animal.

The selectable Sekurus Tube Fed Injector with Self-Tenting Needle Guard is available in 1mL, 2mL, 5mL and 12mL options.

The selectable Sekurus Bottle Mount Injector with Perpendicular Needle Guard is available in 1mL, 2mL, 5mL and 6mL with four different bottle mount options.

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