Oral Drencher

The Oral Drencher range has been designed for use with a vast range of oral anthelmintics. The development has focussed on operator comfort, ease of administration, accuracy and durability. Many years of development have created a complete range of oral options to cater for the many formulations.

Durable construction
Durable non-corrosive stainless steel drenching hook nozzle.

Feed-tube connections
The tube connection will accommodate both 6.4 mm or 9.0 mm feed tubes.

Non-drip nozzle
Eliminating post delivery spurt and product wastage.

Ergonomic profile
Ergonomic design partnered with a reduced hand span. Providing comfortable grip and tactile feedback.

Available with Selectable and Variable dose control options, ranging from 15mL to 75mL (refer to specification table).

A range of six nozzles to accommodate usage with piglets, lambs, goats, sheep, calves, cattle and horses.

Product Categories




Oral Drench Nozzle - 60/90/95/100/150mm
Horse Drench Nozzle
Hook Nozzle
Floating Hook