Slimline Dual Injector

The Slimline Dual Injector has been designed to simultaneously administrator two compatible animal health products through a single, guarded needle.

The patented, innovative Slimline Dual Injector improves vaccination productivity, user safety and animal welfare.

Improved vaccination productivity

  • Allows farmer to administer two compatible pharmaceutical products simultaneously, eliminating the need to use two delivery devices, a second operator, or double handling the animals. In addition, eliminates the need to mix vaccines prior to administration, minimising their exposure to the operator and environment, or spilling the product.

User safety

  • The dual injector’s needle guard technology significantly reduces the risk of accidental needle stick a by the operator. The needle is enclosed by the needle guard when the vaccinator is not in use. When pressed against the animal the needle guard retracts, allowing the needle to penetrate into the injection site.
  • The patented self-tenting needle guard produces a fold of skin to facilitate a safe, fast and precise one-handed subcutaneous injection.
  • The dual injector’s compact, ergonomic design minimises repetitive strain injury with a comfortable hand grip and short, smooth motion trigger. Its slim profile has also been designed for users with smaller hands or less hand strength in mind.

Animal welfare 

  • Reduce the number of needle penetrations to the treatment animal, thereby reducing the risk of potential injection site reactions in animals.
  • Soft touch of needle guard allows the operator to delay the needle penetration until any subsequent animal movement has ceased.

Available in a maximum dual 1mL and dual 2mL dose, with 1.0mL increments. The Slimline Dual Injector can be built and configured to suit many different farming systems or treatments.

The Slimline Injector family has a patent application filed in New Zealand (NZ Pat App No. 726592) with further NZ and international patent applications pending.

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