Topical Applicator

Simcro’s Topical Pour-On Range has been developed to meet the requirements of strength and accuracy in harsh operating environments withstanding the often chemically aggressive nature of the products being administered.

The need for operator comfort is paramount while continuously treating animals. Products must be evenly applied without undue operator effort that causes fatigue.

Quick-set dose selector
Simple, precise dose selection with easy grip volume control.

Ergonomic handle
Designed for operator comfort with a textured non-slip finish.

Available with Selectable and Variable dose control options, ranging from 15mL to 75mL.

Available in 6 nozzle options.

These non-slip selectors allow easy, accurate dose choice, without product loss when changing the dose setting. The indicator window clearly displays the volume.
Variable dose selection can be fine tuned against the dose indication markings on the barrel. The dose adjuster is simple to use and allows for infinite dose adjustment.

Product Categories




Kinked Rose Nozzle
65mL Kinked Rose Nozzle
T-Bar Nozzle
Fan-Spray Nozzle
65mL & 75mL Fan-Spray Nozzle
Pin Stripe Nozzle