Ultimate V-Vaximate™

An excellent tube-fed applicator that uses some of the best features from existing applicators in our range.

  • Ergonomically-designed handles for comfortable use.
  • An optional soft grip handle to improve comfort.
  • A metal nib needle cap for better durability.
  • Our trademark Dial-A-Dose™ selector for ease of dose changing.
  • A dual size hose spigot which allows for the option of using a smaller diameter (4.6mm) or larger diameter (6.4mm) hose.

Most importantly, the user can see product being expelled completely from the barrel, no matter what the dose size. Extremely useful for low dose injectable products!

Also available as an oral drench and pour-on applicator.
Spare parts available.

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Oral Drench Nozzle
Pour-On Nozzle