VS Injector

Designed for swine and beef producers, the Simcro VS Injector gives you ultimate flexibility to protect you, your staff, your stock, and your business in one shot. The modular VS injector is designed for comfort, packed with safety features giving you the power to administer animal health vaccines, accurately, effectively and with care for your animals’ welfare.


  • Complies to on-farm treatment protocols with the delivery of accurate, fixed dose volumes.

Operator safety

  • Minimises accidental needle stick injuries with a lockable, needle guard.

Food safety

  • Reduces needle breakage during injection with the use of a needle guard.

Food quality

  • Attachable ink stamp creates a visible mark around the injection site to check the injection is administered in the correct location.

Animal welfare

  • With a soft touch of the needle guard, the operator can delay needle penetration until the animal is settled.


  • Comply with on-farm hygiene regimes by disinfecting or boiling the injector.

Modular System

  • Mix and match assembly to meet your situation for cattle and swine.
  • Flexible tube fed or bottle mount injector options.
  • Compatible with or without needle guard and ink stamps features.
  • Reusable injector handle. Dose chambers in different sizes are available separately.

Ergonomic Design

  • Balanced injector with a two-stage trigger technique to reduce ‘trigger finger’ and provide a relaxed, comfortable grip for sustained use.


  • Comes with coloured bands to match the injector and treatments to improve systematic process and comply with on-farm protocols.

Fixed Dose Volumes available with Dose Conversion Kits

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