The Simcro Innovation Process

1. Product Brief

All of our products begin with a brief. It’s Simcro’s view that we should challenge the brief to extract the widest possible parameters for success. We will always ensure that the completed brief addresses five fundamental criteria: Animal Welfare; Operator Safety; Treatment Efficacy; User Experience; Commercial Viability. Frequently our proposed solutions are so innovative we enter into mutual confidentiality agreements with the client.

2. Ideation

The first step in responding to the brief is to link the design brief to known technologies. From this technical base, we investigate more innovative possibilities, balancing them against the commercial requirements for the end product. No idea is discounted, for instance the Optiline™ drencher is a technical evolution of traditional bottle drenching techniques in New Zealand farming conditions.

3. Concept Visualisation

Simcro presents an innovation storyboard to its clients, detailing inspirations and conclusions, before traversing a wide range of options that will fulfil the brief. Our approach is to include thinking beyond the brief when we feel we can meet criteria in a different way.

4. Concept Finalisation

Our clients select their preferred concepts for further exploration. Occasionally, the best solution will be a cross pollination of the variety of technologies Simcro has proposed. In this case, we present further concepts that marry the best attributes of our solutions.

5. Concept Development

Concept development is where blue-sky thinking meets commercial reality. After establishing a commercialisation agreement Simcro will begin creating a proof of principle prototype. These are machined from 3D CAD models and hand assembled to test ergonomic principles.

6. Design Development

This stage begins with an iterative design process that fully resolves the product against the client’s requirements and the five key criteria of Animal Welfare, Operator Safety, Treatment Efficacy, User Experience and Commercial Viability. Each product is fully realised as a 3D CAD model that is manufacturing and assembly ready before being machined as a fully functioning prototype.

7. Product Tooling

Tooling begins once the prototype has passed field-testing and is signed off by the client. Simcro then designs, manufactures and commissions the tooling and assembly jigs for commercial production.

8. Alpha Trials

This is the first manufacturing and assembly trial. It is the first time the final product has been produced under commercial conditions, and it is released again for final field assessment.

9. Product Documentation

Once Alpha trials are passed, Simcro documents all user and maintenance instructions to required international standards. Internal assembly and quality specifications are established and jigs created to facilitate the assembly process.

10. Commercial Production

The finished product enters production at Simcro’s production facility, and is packaged and delivered to client specifications, worldwide.