The Optiline™ Drencher

The Optiline™ sheep drencher is the world’s first in-line drencher and its unique design is no accident. The long list of features that have made it so popular stem from Simcro’s ability to Partner, Innovate and Deliver.

Novartis were looking for a delivery solution for ZOLVIX® the ground breaking sheep drench and first new class of anthelmintic in over 25 years. Novartis was clear in their requirements; they wanted a drenching system that would be as revolutionary as the product it delivered. In typical Simcro fashion, the technical team conceptualised delivery systems that were a radical departure from the traditional delivery systems that would raise the bar significantly for what farmers would expect in drenching equipment. Novartis selected Simcro as the development partner because they had complete confidence in our innovation, our technical abilities and proven track record of maintaining strict confidentiality.

The core of the Optiline™ solution came from Simcro’s unique approach to innovation. We avoid getting stuck in any one method of application, considering all possibilities before deciding on a final concept. The in-line drench method at the heart of the Optiline™ may seem familiar to those with hands-on experience in the farming industry. It uses the same hand and arm positioning as drenching with a bottle, although the similarities stop there. With an ergonomic mode of action, patented dose lock, internal valving technology, and a unique nozzle design, the Optiline™ sheep drencher has transformed the way sheep will be drenched in the future.

The commercialized Optiline™ sheep drencher is completely tailored to Novartis requirements with Simcro exceeding expectations throughout the project. While the brief may have been for a drencher, the Optiline’s success has come through Simcro’s collaboration with Novartis in all aspects of the delivery system, from backpacks and harness through to the drencher itself. The true mark of Simcro’s success has been the very successful commercial launch of ZOLVIX®, in part attributable to the innovative method of application.