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Slimline Dual Injector

The Slimline Dual Injector has been designed to simultaneously administrator two 1mL or 2mL vaccinations through a single, guarded needle.

The patented, innovative Slimline Dual Injector improves operational convenience, user safety and animal welfare.


  • Reduced labour with two vaccines administered simultaneously rather than separately.
  • The patented self-tenting needle guard produces a fold of skin to facilitate a safe, fast and precise one-handed subcutaneous injection.
  • Independent dose and priming controls gives the user the flexibility to disable a barrel and use the injector to administer a single vaccine.
  • The injector can be cleaned and serviced readily by the user.



  • The dual injector’s needle guard technology significantly reduces the risk of accidental needle stick and self injection by the operator. The needle is enclosed by the needle guard when the vaccinator is not in use. When pressed against the animal the needle guard retracts, allowing the needle to penetrate into the injection site.
  • The dual injector’s compact, ergonomic design minimises repetitive strain injury with a comfortable hand grip and short, smooth motion trigger. Its slim profile has also been designed for users with smaller hands or less hand strength in mind.



  • Accurate subcutaneous injection reduces the risk of pain and potential injection site reactions in animals.
  • The dual vaccinator reliably delivers 1 mL or 2mL vaccines, ensuring vaccine efficacy is maintained.